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Tip Confirmation Systems

Is anyone familiar with other types of PICC tip confirmation systems other than Bard Sherlock 3CG? Angiodynamics Celerity PICC Tip Confirmation System or the Teleflex ARROW VPS G4 Device, or any others? In addition, are any of  these products compatible with either of the two  Sonosite ultrasound devices, the iLook and the S-Cath?


Tip Location Device

I have the Celerity PICC Tip Confirmation System by Angiodynamics for the past 5 years.  This technology has been sold to Teleflex and the Celerity is no longer in production.  I use my Celerity with my SonoSite SII System without any problems.  Any PICC catheter will work with the Celerity. 

My understanding is the the Bard Sherlock can only be used with Bard catheters, at least that was the way it was in the past. (This could have changed since I was in the market for a tip location device.) 

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