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Tinted Chloroprep

Is anyone using the tinted chloropreps? Any feedback one way or the other? Do any of the PICC manufacturers put the colored stuff in their kits? I  think our OR has the orange,IR has the blue. Seems to me the colored liquid wouldn't matter that much for PICC placement or for dressing changes...



tinted chloraprep

We have been using the tinted chloraprep since June.   We really like it a lot.   Most of my PICC placers like the orange better than the blue, but will use either one.   Since we use Ultrasound to place a majority of our PICC lines the blue color doesn't seem to be an issue i.e. obscuring the vein visibility.

 Helen Lazeration, CRNI

Fairbanks Memorial Hospital

Fairbanks, Alaska

Kathy Hartman
Our OR uses the blue tinted

Our OR uses the blue tinted prep applicator. For the past 8 months I have requested the OR staff provide me a supply of these blue tinted preps for each PICC insert. It is great being able to see exactly where you clean. It would be great if PICC kits included these tinted preps.


Kathleen Hartman, RN BSN

Tinted Chloraprep

 We started using the tinted Chlorapreps as soon as they became available.   It really helps  to be able to see what has and has not been prepped.   I just discovered that the orange ones were available a couple of weeks ago, and I think we are going to switch.   The teal ones leave the prepped area green for days unless it is scrubbed off.   The orange  is more subtle, less noticable, but you can still  tell where you prepped.  

Jerry Bartholomew RN, BSN, CRNI

VA Medical Center, Spokane, WA

Jerry Bartholomew RN, MSN, CRNI

VA Medical Center, Spokane, WA

Does the orange tinted
Does the orange tinted Chloraprep come in the 3ml applicator?

Karen Ratz,RN, VA-BC Unity Point St. Lukes Hospital, Cedar Rapids,IA

The Hi-Lite Orange is

The Hi-Lite Orange is available in the 3mL, 10.5mL, and 26mL sizes.  Scrub Teal is only available in the two larger sizes.

Jerry Bartholomew RN, MSN, CRNI

VA Medical Center, Spokane, WA

Does any manufacturer place

Does any manufacturer place a tinted chloraprep in their kits

PICC or acute care central line or even central line dressing changes



Kathy Kokotis

Bard Access Systems

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