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Time Study

Hi All, I was hoping to formulate a time study, since the one I have is old.  I am looking for times, here are my thoughts:

  • For IV insertion(hard-30 minutes & easy-15 minutes).
  •  Picc placement performing alone(hard-total from eval to final xray- 2 1/2hours, easy-total 90 minutes).
  •  Picc consult (Checking orders, labs, obtaining consent-30minutes)
  • Midline placement performing alone(hard-total from eval to completion-2 hours, easy-total one hour).
  • D/C Picc line-30 minutes.
  • Picc pull back- 30 minutes including follow up x-ray confirmation.
  • Exchange of a Picc(hard- total from eval to final xray-90 minutes, easy-60 minutes.
  • Picc/Midline dressing change-15 minutes.
  • TPA evaluation and administration- 30 minutes.

Of course we have standing Picc orders, and standard pre printed note for procedure, and dressing change.  We also do encourage physicians to get consent if they are able.  Also, we always use ultrasound, except for an exchange.  I would love to hear others thoughts, and if you could respond to my email at. I am not sure if I am expecting to much or not enough.  Thanks for everyones help.   [email protected]