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Therapeutic Phlebotomy Powerglide Midline

Good Morning,

I see a lot of past activity adressing Midlines, blood draws and therapeutic phlebotomy.  I was asked by our Infusion Department team about performing a therapeutic phlebotomy from a Powerglide Midline specifically.  The patient apparently has not other viable access options.  They state they have been doing this  for this person and occasionally find the blood too viscous to drain by gravity.  Wondering if they can use a syringe..   

I am having trougle locating INS or other guidance specifically regarding the Powerglide.  

1)  Is it a viable option

2) thoughts on syringe removal. 


thank you

You will never find products

You will never find products addressed by a trade name in  the INS SOP. Powerglide midline would be addressed as a long PIVC or a midline and there are numerous standards on those devices. No studies will mean no standard can be written. I am not aware of any studies using either a midline or a long PIVC for therapeutic phlebotomy and I have just finished a thorough literature search on midlines. Loss of blood return is often seen in 3-4 days with midlines. If the patients current midline will produce a blood return and you can obtain enough blood for a phlebotomy from the midline, and there is no other VA option, then you got to do what you got to do. Patients in need for therapeutic phlebotomy will have very thick and viscous blood, more than normal. Aspriation with syringes is often done from implanted ports. 

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