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Terminlly Sterile Prefilled Syringes - Found at last !

Hello All - We have not put them to use yet, but our pharmacy was asked to get these by one of our seasoned Home IV nurses.   BD promotes these as being "Sterile Field ready", but they were very difficult to find, so I thought I would post the link:

Best Always - Tobiemass

That is great but "terminally

That is great but "terminally sterile" is not exactly what you have. There are 3 types of prefilled flush syringes

1. aseptically filled syringes are filled just like you would or the pharmacy techs would - sterile fluid + syringe with sterile pathway - then placed in the cellphane overwrap, no further sterilization

2. terminally sterile syringe are filled, then sterilized, then placed in the cellphane overwrap. This produces a syringe with a greater chance of being totally sterile than the aseptically filled syringes. But are only sterile in the fluid pathway and under the tip cap

3. completely sterile syringes are filled, placed in the tougher packaging, then sterilized so you have a product that can be added to a sterile field

Just be aware that if you are talking with sales reps and use the term "terminally sterilized" they are going to think of my #2 description, not a product that is completely sterile. I know if is confusing. Lynn

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Chris Cavanaugh
Kendall NS prefills

Kendall makes a Sterile prefilled NS syringes packaged as 2 10mL syringes that are sterilized and packaged so they can be dropped onto a sterile field. 


Chris Cavanaugh, RN, BSN, CRNI, VA-BC

Sterile syringes

Here is a llink for prefilled syringes that can be dropped on a sterile field.


You can contact me.  My company can provide them at a competitve price. 




Daniel G. Izzo, RN

Regional Manager



Daniel Izzo, RN
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terminally steril prefilled syringes

I work for Cardinal health and Cardinal health also has for sterile filled prefilled saline syringes (2 syringes/sterile field pouch)  they are 10ml saline in 10ml syringe.


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