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temp femoral lines and ambulating and also PICC in arms with no mobility


I know these topics have come up in the past but am wondering if the new INS Standards have any statements regarding these topics.  Our PT department is pushing to allow all patients with temp fem lines to ambulate with no restrictions and also our trauma and neuro ICUs are pushing for PICC lines in patients with imobility in arms due to either stroke or paralysis.Any help of evidence based practice or standards would be greatly apprectiated.

Thank you

The 2024 INS SOP has not been

The 2024 INS SOP has not been released yet, should be out next week. If there are no studies, there will not be any standards or practice recommendations. RE ambulation with a temporary femoral CVAD, I doubt there is any evidence pro or con on that issue. For PICCs in a paralyzed arm, there are several studies from Neuro ICUs supporting this practice. A literature search will pull them up. 

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