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tegaderm sensitivity

I had been reading on your site about others with tegaderm sensitive patients.  My son has had a port for most of his life because of mitochondrial disease.  He had tegaderm sensitivity and used opsite and sorbaview.  I read where others were sharing that sometimes issues were had with it adhering.  When we faced that problem, a friend (fellow mito mom) introduced us to hypafix.  Because it is made of the same material as the edge of the sorbaview, it worked well when added after dressing was secure.

I just wanted to share that information incase it was helpful to someone else.
Thank you.


In my practice I have seen

In my practice I have seen many skin issues with tegraderm, most of the time I can use IV3000 tegraderm and that usually resolves the issue, OR we have stopped using CHG on site at all and use the IV3000. I have a a lot of good outcomes with this. However, I have seen a small amount of patients with very long term therapy with constant skin irritation and seems nothing works. Thank you for the information.  Denise Doscher RN, VA-BC, CRNI

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