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Teaching IV insertions outside of your employment agancy

I was wondering what is needed to host a workshop about IV insertions. Im a retired CRNI and from talking to numerous nurses there is a need. I did classes when I worked in the hospital and I make it more of a motivational workshop. I have even been asked if I traveled around doing these workshops. Other than a business license, an active RN license with CRNI what else would I need. How much should be charged? How would one become accredited or is a certificate of attendance enough. Should I locate a sponsor for supplies? Thanks for any advice

There really are no

There really are no regulations that apply to this situation. You do need to provide contact hours. Check with your state board of nursing first to see if they have a process for becoming a CE provider. If they don't then go to your state nurses association. You can always make application to the CA Board of Registered Nursing to become a provider from that group. If you are in the state of CA, you must have their providership anyway. To provide a certificate of attendance, you must have an approved program or being an accredited CE provider. Supplies may come from donations from some manufacturers or you may have to purchase them. You should also have malpractice insurance as an educator. 

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