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Margie Martin
taxol infiltrate

We had a taxol infiltrate the other day..immediatley used ice and instructed the patient to dothe same at home and to apply cortisone cream 4X per anyone doing anything differently and do you have protocols for other chemo infiltrates??

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Cortisone is not recommended

Cortisone is not recommended to treat extravasation injuries because inflammation is not the problem. Read more in

1.    Hadaway L. Emergency: Infiltration and Extravasation - Preventing a complication of IV catheterization. American Journal of Nursing. 2007;107(8):64-72.

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ONS, on pg 80 of the
ONS, on pg 80 of the Chemo/Bio Guidelines (2005), recommends ice pack alone for 15-20 min at least 4 times a day for the first 24 hrs.  Taxol has been identified as a mild vesicant.  This potential is reduced because of the large volumes used to dilute the drug during infusion.
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