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tamper resistant picc

We were asked to review PICC's that are tamper resistant.  I cannot find anything - does anyone have any information?


At AVA, a few weeks ago, I

At AVA, a few weeks ago, I had a discuss about a device that would be added to any VAD to make any tampering obvious. The discussion focused on what would you do with that information if you had it. Would tamper evidence mean you would remove the VAD for fear of infection or some other complication? Would it mean you draw a blood test for a drug analysis? Who would be paying for that lab testing? What would it mean if you knew the patient had used it to inject and illicit drug? Evidence of tampering is not the same as preventing tampering. BTW, I have not seen such a device for any type of VAD on the market yet. Due to the opiate crisis, it looks like the need for something is great. Lynn

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jill nolte
This doesn't exactly answer

This doesn't exactly answer your question but I have used Parafilm for situations where tampering was a high risk.  I had a munchausen's by proxy situation, the mother was a nurse who lost her license.  The parafilm was a lifesaver, we were able to get the kid protection when he needed it.  We have used it for other patients as well.  I hate that this is even needed.

Parafilm is a product used in labs to seal containers holding liquids, I have no idea who makes or sells it.

I currently work in home

I currently work in home infusion and we have incidents where IVDA are discharged with picc lines.  we are currently looking into a product called PICC guard it should be on the market by the end of the year, but I am interested in the Parafilm, this look like it might be a good alternative.  thank you

Tamper evident PICC cover

I have developed a tamper evident PICC cover and am in the process of finishing up manufacturing. As soon as it is ready for market, I will update my website,


Heather Rosdail, RN BSN

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