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syringe labeling on sterile field
We are being told that  along with labeling our syringes as saline and lidocaine,  we have to label them with the expiration date. I guess this would mean a new sterile marker with every insertion? Any thoughts?
DennisMouzakis RN Kaiser

DennisMouzakis RN Kaiser WC

We use sterile markers with our PICC  insertions. We just started getting preprinted labels with our kits. I also like to use the marker to mark the AC for PICC length.

Gwen Irwin
This is new information

This is new information about the date.  What is the source that dictates the expiration date?  The National Patient Goals were what was driving the labeling in a sterile, but not the expiration date.

I would be very interested in the driving force for this info.

Gwen Irwin

Austin, Texas 

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