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Jackie Tropp
Swab caps

 Use of Swab casp devvices

Hello Everyone,

Is anyone using these devices on all linees; peripheral & central lines? Are there any documented studies showing the need/benefit of usingg on all lines?  thank you in advance for

your help.  Jackie

 There is some new work from

 There is some new work from Michelle DeVries, an IP from Indianna, on this issue but don't have it in my article database yet. I think about it this way. You can get on an interstate highway from a multiple lane entrance ramp in the heart of a large city. Or you can enter the interstate from a single lane ramp way out in the exurbs. Does not really matter because either way you end up on the interstate highway. Same thing with a PIV - that small single lane ramp in the exurbs. I think we are just now beginning to appreciate the great risk of all infections associated with PIVs. So why should we not be protecting them in the same way. We do need more evidence though! Lynn

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