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Dee PICC line n...
Subclavion PICC tip and Vanco
Hello everyone!  This is my first time writing and not just reading and learning.  I would very much appreciate the top few references anyone could suggest for a situation I ran into yesterday when trying to teach a patient and spouse who were going home on 6 weeks of bid Vanco.  The PICC nurse had placed the initial line and identified problems.  She then passed it on to IR where the original line was pulled and a second attempt was made, with great difficulty.  The doctor was unable to pass the line past a point in the subclavion, identified what he called good colateral circulation with good blood return, and left the tip there for use.  I was very concerned about the high risk involved, spoke to the attending MD about it twice, and was blown off the same number of times.  I spoke to the patient and spouse (also a long time nurse) as diplomaticly as I could, but attempted to make my concern very clear.  The spouse/nurse agreed to approach the second attending MD today about  trying to place a line in the other arm, which is what I was praying for.  I would very much like to go back to the MD involved with articles in hand to back my concern and hopefully stopping this from happening in the future.  Please help!
New article on subclavian

New article on subclavian tip issues and $7.1 million ruling in the JAVA, you should see it in the next journal you receive.


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Dee PICC line n...
Thanks, everyone!  I can't
Thanks, everyone!  I can't wait for the new article.  The AVA position paper was somewhat helpful, but didn't really drive the point home for those who don't place PICCS. I have a feeling this new article will make the point very clearly. 
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