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Amy Graham
Stocking a picc cart

I am looking for suggestions on how to change my hospitals current picc cart situation.  Currently there is one person placing PICC lines daily.  We have 4 carts that are stocked by central processing and returned after each PICC is done. Charges are generated from the restocking of each cart.  In the next month a group of hospitalist will be trained to place PICC lines in the ICU.  I am suggestion bigger carts that will handle more supplies and could be used for multiple PICC placements.  I would love to hear other ideas on how you get you supplies to the bedside and how you track charges.


Amy Graham   

Gina Ward
stocking of PICC cart


Hello,  I currently utilize a large cart ( similar to a crash cart but blue) for my PICC lines.  I travel around the hospital including OP and do all the PICC lines at the patients bedside.  I keep enough supplies in my cart to keep me set for the day.


First drawer ;  hair covers and masks incase anyone extra in room, kind of like junk drawer with little of some odds and ends.

 Next,  have one drawer with sterile probe covers;/needle guides, and extra microintroducers.

  Next drawer with statlocks, biopatchs, sterile gloves, new caps/hubs.  some extra alcohol wipes, saline flushes etc. 

Next drawer I keep 2; 4 fr single lumen power piccs, and 2- 5 fr dual lumen power picc,

then next drawer keep sterile gowns, sterile 3/4 drapes for maximum barrier precautions. 

Bottom drawer is very large I keep 3- 6 fr triple lumen power piccs, store the battery to the u.s and some other misc items;  un used piccs that I use to teach with etc. 

The cart has a fold out table/shelf on the side I use for full sterile set up.  I have a wire basket in back I keep all my pre made charting tools, and extra forms I may need.  I have foam handcleanser on side of cart and on other side a sharps container.  The cart is  a locked cart. 

This works great;  I take it every where I go while working.  This way I always have what I need, I only take it in the room when doing a PICC line and then fully wipe it down when done.

I take it to each room ,outside the  door,  when doing my daily assessments of all lines incase I need something.  I have my caps stocked in there so when time for cap changes have it ready to take in room.  All the supplies for dressing changes so when a dressing is due I have it all with me.  I do all the PICC insertions, dressing changes, cap changes , trouble shooting and removing.  I am not continually running back and forth through out the hospital with this cart.  I keep a list of all patients with lines so I can coordinate my travels easily throughout the hospital.

During PICC insertions it works as a back table, and bonus is I have extra supplies if needed; I always pull out extra sterile gloves in the event of contamination.  Also, If I do drop or contaminate something or need and additional item, I can get it myself right out of my cart. Of course need to change gloves and maybe even gown depending on my movements.

At the end of the case I go to the computer and document and I also manually key in each charge number related to each item.  Our wound care nurse has a sheet with the appropriate bar codes for each item and goes to the supply room and uses the scanner used for charges and then just scans the appropriate items used.

Before I begin every day and go out to the floors I always take my cart to the supply room of the OR and stock in up.  I work in PACU so I am out of the OR and the OR person who orders supplies orders all my PICC line supplies. We have set a par level and it works great!

Well, hope that helps,  Gina Ward R.N., CPAN

                                 PICC nurse at Raulerson Hospital

                                 Okeechobee, Florida




Gina Ward R.N., VA-BC

Robbin George
Gina--Please let use know who

Gina--Please let use know who is the manufacturer with make and model number of your cart.

Thanks in Advance

Robbin George RN VA-BC Vascular Access Resource Department Alexandria Hospital Virginia

Robbin George RN VA-BC

Gina Ward
picc cart


The cart is from Armstrong Medical.  I couldnt find any model number on it.  But it has 6 drawers, locking cart ( not with keys, but with buttons), added feature;  fold out side shelf, wire basket ( not to thick ) on back.

I had engineering drill and mount a large needle /biohazard bin holder on right side for me, I am right handed, on the left mount a holder for hand cleaniing foam. 


I push the u.s. in front with left hand and pull the cart behind in right hand and manuevers smooth.

thanks,  Gina

Gina Ward R.N., VA-BC

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