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Sterile sheaths for Site Rite

Recently I have had a problem with the Site Rite ultrasound after placing the sterile sheath on.  During the initial scanning of the patient there was no problem with the screen.  When scanning after placing on the sheath nothing could be seen.  Today I went thru three sheaths before it worked.  Has anyone experienced this problem?

jill nolte

 That might be one for your friendly Bard rep!

A couple of thoughts: 1) Have

A couple of thoughts:

1) Have you put U/S gel on the probe inside and outside of the cover ? Sorry !...but I can't make any assumptions :)

2) Has the probe sustained any impact damage ? A loose/compromised crystal/ wire connection may be the culprit. When you place the cover on and secure it with rubber bands that may be just enough of a change in the "loose connections" to cause the problem.

4) Have your clinical engineering staff take a look to see if they can replicate the problem.

Hope this helps !


David Bruce RN

Gina Ward
    "air is your enemy"

    "air is your enemy" .......a saying an instructor said on a video I watched recently regarding u.s. venous access. 


    Be sure you put plenty of gel on the probe before placing the sterile cover and have  moved all gel to cover probe tip and removed air then tightly seal band.


    Many times during scanning of site , if I loose image must re adjust the gel location my trying to push the gel into place that is under the probe by pushing /squeesing cover to get gel where it needs.



Gina Ward R.N., VA-BC

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