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StatLock In or out of dressing
I had a Clinical manager from BARD state that it is a widely utilized practice to place the Securement device outside the dressing of PICC lines.  This way, dressing changes would supposedly not have to include the securement device in the sterile technique portion of the dressing change which some nurses apparently have difficulty with.  We use a majority of POWER PICCs for in-house patients which are modified to fit and placed at "zero" at the insertion site.  I was taught that the dressing should cover the securement device which would include the hub leaving only the extension ports outside.  What is the general practice out there?
anna liang
Have been placing stat-lock
Have been placing stat-lock outside the dressing the last 2 years -- about 3 cm away from the insertion site -- clean technique.
do you have to leave the zero mark at the insertion site?
Alma Kooistra
We insert to zero mark on
We insert to zero mark on the line and include the StatLock under the dressing.  The StatLock needs to be changed weekly, and this is nicely accomplished at the same time as the dressing change.
Mary Raap
We also insert our power
We also insert our power PICCs to the zero mark on the line and include the statlock under the dressing and change it with dressing changes every 7 days.
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