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Starting a PICC Team - Need Help

I am trying to start an IV Access Team at our county hospital.  My primary focus at this point is PICC insertion.  Traditionally they are done in Interventional Radiaology which could take days to get on their schedule.  I am developing a team which would insert PICCs at the bedside using U/S.  Does anyone have any policies / procedures to share.  Reinventing the wheel is very time consuming.  Please Help !!!!

Where are you located? 
Where are you located?  State?  I have some ideas that may help
Located in Houston, Texas. 
Located in Houston, Texas.  Trying to lay the foundation for a PICC team and will eventually grow into full IV access team.  I am trying to create Poicly & procedures while being the sole PICC inserter.  Not enough hours in the day.  Was hoping to shortcut the P&P with other existing resources.
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