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starting an independent contracting PIV/Midline business

Hi guys, me and my partner are both trying to start a business here in CALIFORNIA where we will be on-call for USPIV/Midline insertions only but somehow we are hitting a wall on how we can legally operate?.

Can anyone guide us with the process?

1. How to make legally make a contract? do we need a lawyer to make it?

2. What should we include in the contract?

3. How to legally establish a policy and procedures?

Inputs are greatly appreciated thank you!


What types of facilities will

What types of facilities will be your customers? What are the local laws about a business license? What type of business structure will you have - sole proprieter, S-corp, LLC? This makes a huge difference for your personal income taxes. Unless CA has some strange laws, you are not required to have a lawyer to write contracts, but it is advisable to have legal advise. Find an example of a contract from another company doing this or an example of some other service such as hemodialysis and follow it. You need an agreement with  your customers about whether you are following their policies and procedures or policies and procedures that you write. These are the documents that give structure to your services so you write those as lawyers do not have any idea what they should include. However they must be in voluntary compliance with the standards of care as established by all published standards of practice, applicable guidelines, manufacturers instructions for use, etc. How do you plan to market your services? What methods of accounting will  you use? Your budget should address start up costs plus ongoing operational costs and a projection about when you will break even and turn profitable. In other words you need a business plan and there are numerous books such as Business Cases for Dummies in that whole series of books. Go to a large bookstore and browse through the business section or spend time searching on Amazon for these books. There is lots of guidance available for starting a business. 

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