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Solo PICC bedsign

I couldn't seem to find one of these on Bards site, so I made my own as well as sent one to them.

I thought I would make it available if anyone could use it.

Gwen Irwin
I have to echo the question

I have to echo the question on another subject line.  Why does a power injectable PICC require a 10 ml saline flush in a 10 ml syringe when it can tolerate more pressure than a 10 ml provides?

Gwen Irwin

Austin, Texas

Good question..... I think

Good question..... I think its just a matter of caution with a new product ... it does state it cannot tolerate more than 5ml /sec max which is all thats needed for a high speed contrast injection for CT. I'm sure a 3cc syringe could develop more pressure than that.

Although I prefer 3cc as the power to develop high pressures is a danger, but the power to develope tremendous negative pressures is also a benifit.

 In the hands of a skilled PICC nurse and being used to the "feel" of a 3cc syringe, I think its a much better tool for troubleshooting etc.... but remember these protocols are written to cover a wide knowledge base.... which is many cases is almost "nothing!"

Allowing 3cc injections even with a power picc could render the device unusable in the hands of an unskilled aggressive user. 

The second mouse gets the cheese!

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