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Lisa B
skin reactions to PICC dressings

Recently we have noticed an increase in blistering, contact dematitis, and other skin reactions from PICC dressings. Very problematic for some people, jeopardizing the line, open blisters, etc. We are using tegaderm and IV tegaderm. Are there any new products out there that seem less reactive? We know to let the chloraprep dry completely after cleansing the skin, use skin prep, not to stretch the tegaderm when applied...

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Would be great to have some research on this topic!

-Lisa Benjamin, CRNI


Angela Lee
I have found that most
I have found that most patients that do not tolerate tegaderm do better with one of the more permiable transparent dressings such as Op Site 3000--many times their skin will heal under it.
Gwen Irwin
Most of our problems with

Most of our problems with transparent dressings are directly related to not letting the ChloraPrep dry OR stretching the dressing.  Education about both has greatly decreased the complaints about the dressing. Since the education, no blistering or contact dermatis.

Gwen Irwin

Austin, Texas

We have also had a recent

We have also had a recent increase in patients experiencing contact dermatitis following use of tegaderm dressings.  Most patients respond to a dressing protocol including chloraprep for 30 seconds, allowed to completely dry, rinse area with sterile water, allow site to completely dry, avoid use of skin prep/adhesives, and application of the sorbaview dressing.  Patients that still react have had decreased irritation when betadine is substituted for chloraprep. It is left on at least 2 minutes, allowed to dry completey and also rinsed with sterile water prior to application of the sorbaview.   


Marla Neilson, RN

We have never rinsed with
We have never rinsed with sterile water.  It was explained to us that the chloraprep or the betadine have to remain on the skin's surface in order to be effective.  I would be interested in any literature or references that you have for that process.
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