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SiteRite 4

Does anyone have a useable, electrical cord for this site rite machine?  Ours is frayed and no longer functional and our batteries won't hold any charge > 30 minutes.  Bard told us that that can't get us a cord to plug into our machine, but can sell us a new one!

AUGHHH.. Our company won't do that, so I am hoping to find one somewhere.  Please email me @

[email protected] if you can help.


Thanks so much!

Call Biomed and they can

Call Biomed and they can improvide, but absolutely safe. We had the same problem and the Biomed used a regular electrical cable with the same grade or better and wired it. Cost nothing.

If you ever buy (I pray for

If you ever buy (I pray for you!) a new ultrasound unit, try SonoSite (VASC-ICU). SiteRite is nothing to VASC-ICU.

Cherokee people
VASC-ICU Ultrasound

We are looking at ultrasounds right now. We have trialed several at our hospital. We are currently looking at Nanomaxx by Sonosite. Their sales rep. is suppose to bring soon. I've went online to find the VASC-ICU ultrasound by Sonosite and couldn't find any info. Could you send me info to my email address, [email protected]? Thank you, Vickey

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