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short stay proceedures

What are people doing as far as labeling the bags and tubing's for things like same day surgery, colonoscopy patients, any area where patients aren't expected to be there long.
Our above groups don't label anything but I have been told if they stay then they would label.

We hired a nurse who ask should we be labeling the tubing and bags if patients wont be staying long, it was obvious where she was working they did and where she is working now they don't

My feelings are this, I think everything should be labeled

Is there a reference for not labeling when patients are short stay??

 No references found when we

 No references found when we did the lit search to revise the INS Standards. The national standard is to label it all regardless of where in the healthcare system the patient is located. In the event that something happens and the patient is admitted, I would tend to think that going back and labeling everything would be one of those tasks that is easily forgotten. Seems like labeling from the set up would be better. Lynn

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