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Jenn M.
Sedation for PICC line insertion in peds patients

We currently sedate on a case by case basis, and commonly use versed and fentanyl for our peds PICC patients.  On kids 2-5 years old, we commonly use ketamine and versed.  Some of our patients need versed only or nothing at all.  Management is currently looking at our sedation rates and feel that a lot of our patients can be done non-sedate, which in turn may increase the number of PICCs we could place on any given day.  I would appreciate any info regarding percentage of peds patients sedated vs. non sedated in your institution (especially if you are a children's facility). Also, I'd appreciate if you'd include whether or not you have child life available.

Thanks in advance,


anna liang
would like to know the

would like to know the median age of your picc pts. and the % of your sedation?

for us, it is about 35% -- not counting the picu & icn pts or OR cases. child life is always available. 

Beverly Sharpe
We also sedate on case by
We also sedate on case by case basis and have a peds sedation team that handles the sedation and airway completely.  Between age of approximately 12 mo to roughly 6-8 yrs old depending on their maturity and understanding and tolerance.  If we go without sedation for any age we do use child life for comfort/distraction.  If they are in between sedation age and tough teenager we often use oral versed and always use LMX and buffered lidocaine for PICC.  About 30% are done under sedation/ventilation-sedation.
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