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Alma Kooistra
Scratches with use of Chloroprep Frepp

Greetings......Happy Monday!

We have a staff member who used very agressive skin cleansing with the Chloroprep Frepp prior to peripheral IV start and ended up with abrasions on the patient's skin.  I believe this happened because shards from the glass ampule ended up in the sponge and were allowed to scratch the patient's skin, perhaps because too much pressure was applied while cleansing.  In a knee-jerk reaction this product has been pulled from that dept.  and they have returned to use of alcohol/betadine scrubs.  I hate to see this happen.  I recall that there was some discussion about this risk quite some time ago but I've been unable to pull that series of communications.

I would like to see this staff member get educated about proper use of the product and restore it to our protocol for skin preps. 

Has anyone else run into this and how did you resolve it?  I was unable to find anything at the mfr's web site which described this risk.


Alma Kooistra CRNI