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Saline versus Heparin flushes

Our hospital is considering going to Saline flushes only.  We would like to benchmark what is going on in other hospitals.  Could you please take a few minutes to answer these questions for us?

Is your hospital currently using "Saline Only" flushes for Central Lines?

If you are using Saline only flushes did you change from the clave to a positive pressure valve?

Are you tracking clotted access and what are the results of your data?

Is anyone using the posiflush saline syringe and what kind of results are you having with this?

Ann...How often are you

Ann...How often are you flushing and with what volume??

 Same for I-Ports/high flow catheters...?



Our hospital just recently

Our hospital just recently completed a study on central lines and switches to saline only flushes.  We originally used the clave device and heparin flushes. We had about 30% partial or total occlusion on our central and piccs, we then added a antireflux device, kept with clave and heparin went to 10%. Our third month we elminated heparin and went to saline only and was at 12%.  Our hospital went to saline only.  I was amazed though at how many patients our on dvt protocal so received either heparin sub q or lovonox in addition to our heparin.  I have not been getting many complaints about the elimination of heparin and we use an open ended Picc.  Truly I think it is more a appropriate flushing that is important.  So many people do not use a full 10cc for regular flush and 20cc for blood draws  teaching is the key.  I f you would like more info you can e-mail me at [email protected] or call me 614-544-2290

good luck

lisa j

Karen Day
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can you tell us what the
can you tell us what the posiflush syringes are and who makes them.  do you have a link to a website about them?
There are two brands of

There are two brands of syringes that have been specifically designed to flush catheters. Regular syringes cause syringe-induced blood reflux. Posiflush is made by BD, is a shortened barrel and plunger. The plunger on a regular syringe has a gasket that compresses when the entire amount is flushed into the catheter. When the pressure is released, which must occur when the syringe is disconnected, this gasket rebounds and pulls blood back into the catheter lumen.

The other brand has a different design, Prefill Advanced Monoject, and is made by Tyco Kendall. Lynn

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