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Gina Ward
RNs verifying PICC tip placement via CXR



 I am reading the INS Position Paper on RNs verifying tip placement of PICC by Chest xray; .  

A requirment is the RN taking an educational program as well as having a competency checklist by a qualified instructor.


This is usually not an issue in our facility but.....when the pt is not a candidate for ECG tip placement confirmation is after hours and the radiologist is not in house there is a bit of a delay getting the XRAYs read. 

I have taken on line courses on reading the CXR post PICC but havent seen a specific class desinged to meet this purpose of assessing and documenting competency.  Is anyone familiar with one??  


thanks,  Gina Ward RN, VA-BC

First, do not call this

First, do not call this "reading xray" as that is purely medical domain. You would be assessing xray for tip location and you are not reading the entire film. Competency is not determined exclusively in an online or traditional class. My online course provides sample policy and competency documentation form. Use a form to work with your radiology dept to assess and document competency. So competency assessment for a psychomotor skill is 3 phases - education online or regular class, followed by deliberate practice in a simulation lab, followed by supervised practice on patients. For assessing chest xrays, you would take the class, then practice assessing xrays of placed CVADs, then assess xray of patients where you have placed the line. So the class alone is never going to document competency for any skill. 

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Gina Ward
OK perfect.

OK perfect.

I actually took your course a while back.   I will see if I can pull up or find my data and then get with the Radiologist on doing just as you mentioned.

thanks,  Gina



Gina Ward R.N., VA-BC

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