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Kelly Tiffany
Reverse Esmarch Bandaging for hard iv starts

Just curious if anyone has heard of or used this method for difficult IV starts.  We were told you wrap an acewrap down the arm, leave on for 2 minutes and start your iv.  We have a CRNA that thinks we should be trying this.  Just wondering if there are any articles or information regarding this method/procedure.  Any info is appreciated!


Kelly Tiffany RN ([email protected])

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Never heard of this! This

Never heard of this! This sounds similar to using 2 or 3 tourniquets in patients with difficult access. The acewrap would prevent you from looking in the entire extremity though, but I suppose it would work in some patients. These techniques would always depend upon the hydration level of the patient. If the patient is dehydrated, the veins may not distend well enough to be palpated by any means of distention. In some patients you may still need to have technology such as infrared light devices or ultrasound. Lynn

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