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Returning 'waste' blood to patient

Got into a discussion about this the other day. It has never been my facility's practice to return the "waste" blood aspirated before blood sampling from central line,but I know there are places that do this.I can find no specific standards for this--are there? My gut instinct says that once a syringe has been filled with the waste blood and disconnected from the catheter or line,it shouldn't be reconnected for any reason. However I can maybe accept return of the blood through a closed system set-up.

Your thoughts?


You are absolutely correct.

You are absolutely correct. Return of waste blood from a syringe that has been disconnected and set aside during the remainder of the procedure is dangerous. Studies have shown that you are returning clots. A literature search will show a review article by Ann Marie Frey in JIN in 2003. Sorry but I could not copy from my database and paste into this message. Lynn


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Thanks Lynn--I have that

Thanks Lynn--I have that article and have looked into a few of those referenced in it. Was wondering if there was anything more I hadn't found.


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