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lynn chase
Request for information "BARD Safety Needle"

We are using the BARD Safety Needle 21 Ga. 7 cm.  This is a new needle for us and we are finding that it is almost impossible to see on the ultrsound.  Can anyone tell us if you are having a similar problem. 

Thanks for your assistance. 

Shirley Ellis
Yes Lynn, it is hard to
Yes Lynn, it is hard to visualize.  Suggestions:  1.  The Angio cath that they place in the kits are easier to see on the ultrasound.  2.  Follow  the area where the Lido is placed or 3.  The needle that is in the Galt Micro Kit (InVaMed)  is also better visualized than the Bard needle.  Good Luck, Shirley
lynn chase
BARD PICC Insertion: We

BARD PICC Insertion:

We insert BARD PICC's and are having rouble with the MST insertion kits.  We have been inserting PICC's with ultrasound for five years, this past few months has been brutal.  The team is complaining that the wire coils at 10 cm.  The needle is impossible to see.  A succcess rate of 99% on the first try is now declining.   Is anyone using an alternate MST insertion kit with the BARD PICC?  


Robyn Whitlock ...
We are having the exact same
We are having the exact same problems.  We have several new nurses and have been trying to explain it with the nurses' inexperience.  I have been putting PICCs in for 25 years and using ultrasound for the past year and I am having problems. I have been constantly asking my experienced nurses who initially seemed to agree that it had something to do with lack of experience.  But recently, they are also complaining, especially about not being able to see the needle as well as in previous months.  And we are having more failed insertions due to the wire not threading.  We have started using the Nitinol kit, and it seems to be better as far as the wire is concerned, but the needle has the same problem.  I have contacted my BARD rep and am waiting for some feedback.  Will post it when I get the information.  Thanks

Robyn Whitlock RN, MSN, CRNI

Glad to hear I'm not the

Glad to hear I'm not the only one with this concern--thought maybe I was just imagining things. I don't see the needle tip nearly as well as with the Cook-Denny kit's needle I usually use.



Daphne Broadhurst
Hi Lynn. We recently

Hi Lynn. We recently trialled the same micro and several of us had similar observations, with a few additional concerns. I would imagine you've already spoken with your Bard rep for any suggestions. We have also tried the Arrow 7 cm & many of us prefer the needle and the microintroducer, as well as the fact that fewer dermatotomies seem to be required with this product. In line with Shirley's comment, I spoke with a PICC nurse at the AVA conference who trialled several micros and their team chose the Galt micro (which should be available in Canada within a few weeks).

As we are discovering, the type of micro used can have a significant impact on your insertion outcomes.


Daphne Broadhurst
Desjardins Pharmacy
Ottawa, Canada

The nicest kit  I have
The nicest kit  I have found is the Boston Scientific Ministick kit. It has a great nitinol wire and a very smooth introducer.  The introducer is very flexible, but so far, I am seeing that as a plus . Just need to handle it close to the insertion site. The needle is like a cook so it is wonderful too. The only negative, like the cook, is that it is not safety. I have been using the InVaMed a lot as it comes in the Vaxcel PASV kit that Boston has. It glides very nicely and has a green stripe to show you the top of needle. I totally dislike the Bard Micro micro components that come in the picc sets. After talking to the rep, found out that they have addressed all of the above problems in their new accessory intro kits. Said I could use those but hate to add the cost to the kit with adding another micro kit. Was expected to add this to the rad kit but that is so bare bones that I never went there.
Robyn Whitlock ...
Just wondering if you

Just wondering if you are saying that BARD is acknowledging problems, as I have yet to hear that from our BARD rep.  Would be very interested to hear your input. I did have a problem with a needle the other night.  The guidewire wouldn't go through the proximal end of the needle into the needle itself.  I obtained a great blood return, but had to remove the needle and get a new one.  I couldn't thread the wire through after removal either, although I could flush. Has anyone had that problem?  I am returning the needle to BARD so they can examine it. So now, I am checking the needles prior to venipuncture.

Thanks, Robyn

Robyn Whitlock RN, MSN, CRNI

lynn chase
No, BARD are not
No, BARD are not acknowledging the problem.  They are saying that it is a user error and no other inserters are reporting this problem)  Suggestions are to slow down (that will help the wire go through)  "I have, it doesn't"  Hold the dilator closer to the insertion site.  I have done this thousands of times.  I really feel sorry for new inserters! 
Robyn Whitlock ...
I think part of the problem

I think part of the problem with getting the wire in is this:  Since now it is much more difficult to see the needle, I think it is more difficult to get the needle in the center of the vein.  I think my newer consultants are accessing the vein and getting a great blood return, but having a higher percentage of problems passing the wire as they probably aren't where they should be in the vein.  There are several patients though, that I have done with large veins that I can tell I am dead center and no matter what I do with the needle, I can't get the wire to pass through it.  Would like to hear what others are experiencing.  Thanks

Robyn Whitlock RN, MSN, CRNI

A BARD rep and clinician
A BARD rep and clinician were just at our facility (Sherlock intro).  The clinician stated that they (BARD) have a new MST kit coming out that is very smooth - don't remember when it comes out, though.

Mari Cordes, BS RNIII VA-BC
Vascular Access Department
University of Vermont Medical Center

I think the Bard Micro kit

I think the Bard Micro kit that was suggested I use was called micro-ease and it has  been out for a while.  The introducer comes in the 3 sizes and the wires are 40 and 70.

But it was suggested when I said I did not like any of the micro components in the kits.

I tried to find it on the website but I think that site is a little difficult to navigate even with its improvements. I have the brocure at work and will dig it out to see if i am wrong on the name.

I think that we are going to custom kits at our place. That may be the place to go for personal preference with the least cost. You get to choose your favorites of everything that is out there.

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