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27 years CRNI
Remicade rapid Infliximab Infusions

Is anyone doing rapid Remicade 1 hour infusions in an outpatient infusion center setting?  If so, what has been your experience?

Craig Farris
We have a Peds clinic asking

We have a Peds clinic asking for this to be done.  They state this is how they do it there.  We have asked for the data to support this so we can review and make our decision.  All we have found with our own literture search was two studies.  One comes right out and states children were not part of the study the other studied safety but does not address efficacy or absorption.   So for the time being we are sticking to our guns and infusing over 2 hours. 

C. Craig Farris BS,RN, CRNI

27 years CRNI
Thank you for your reply

Thank you for your reply Craig.  Our sister hospital in another dtate has been doing it since August last year including pediatrics with good outcomes.  The leader is working on a PowerPoint to share with us that includes references.  So far, we have not adopted the short infusion.  I will let you know about the references.  Your information is helpful. 

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