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I would like to know if anyone has had experience with infusing Remicade in the home and the safety due to high incidence of reactions?
Our policy is administer

Our policy is administer Remicade at home only after the patient has had at least one dose in a controlled setting without an adverse reaction.  This infusions are administered in the home by a nurse-never self administered.  We've been doing this successfully for over 5 yrs and so far, no problems.  Hope this helps.

Carol Sweeney, CRNI, Vice President of Nursing & Clinical Compliance  ContinuumRx

We have been doing this in
We have been doing this in the outpatient setting and have had some pretty bad reactions.  They can happen very fast and don't give the warning signs of other medications but more rapid decline and even lose consciousness.  Is there an anaphylactic reacton protocol out there someone wouldn't mind sharing.  I have one but just want to make sure mine is up to date.  Thank you.
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