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reinfusing blood drawn to clear line for lab draws
I didn't find an answer to this in the INS standards and have a question from a pediatric nurse.  They are re-writing their policy and procedure regarding reinfusion of the blood withdrawn to clear the central line before a lab specimen is drawn.  Is it still acceptable to reinfuse this blood?  Is there any research related to it?  I know we stopped reinfusing on adult patients in the ICU...where we used to always reinfuse 20 or so years ago.  Thanks
It is never acceptable to

It is never acceptable to reinfuse blood such as what you are describing. This is a procedural question that would not be addressed in the INS standards of practice. Look at this article:

1.    Frey A. Drawing blood from vascular access devices: Evidence-based practice. Journal of Infusion Nursing. 2003;26(5):285-295.
There has been some work published and this review includes a discussion about this practice. Reinfusion also infuses clots! Lynn

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