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Redness near PICC insertion site

I've got one more question for you kind folks.

I got a PICC line placed about 1.5 weeks ago. Since then, the bruising has faded, and I have noticed a small, red spot about a centimeter or so from the insertion site that almost appears "raw" (as if there was no skin covering it). It is a distinctly different color from the bruise.

I hate to bother my home health care nurse if this is just par for the course, as far as PICC lines. She will return this Friday, and can have a look at it (she is very kind and helpful). If, however, it looks suspect to you in some way, could you let me know?

I don't want to be a worry-wart, but at the same time, my HHC nurse did mention to be on the lookout for redness around the site.

Your input is greatly appreciated.

I've enclosed a picture.




Michele's PICC

p.s. FOr some reason, the picture doesn't show up when I run a "preview" of this post. I posted it at (photobucket appears to be completely fracked up at the moment). The URL is: . I've drawn a circle round the spot to which I am referring.

Michele's PICC

Angela Lee
It looks to me like some
It looks to me like some small area of excoriated skin (or as you said"raw") that may be related to the insertion procedure somehow as may be all the bruising.  Redness immediately around the actual entry site and the suture areas should be reported and you should as you mentioned share your concerns with your nurse but there's not likely much that can be done about it.  It should heal under the dressing if it's a high permability transparent dressing.
Redness should be closely
Redness should be closely observed, however I have seen PICCs that develop a small ring of redness that never changes for the life of the PICC. Make sure you are using Chlorhexindine gluconate as your skin antiseptic agent. If the redness persists and there is concern about infection you may also consider adding a Biopatch under the dressing. If it gets worse - tenderness, drainage, etc- it should be removed. Lynn

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