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Reconstituting an antibiotic vial with the Saline from the IV bag

Mixing antibioitcs: When we need diluent to mix an antibiotic say we use the single use sterile NS 10cc vial for mixing. Is there anything wrong with drawing from the NS IV bag  for the diluent? 

Yes indeed there is a lot

Yes indeed there is a lot wrong with it. Are you talking about a universal bag of NS for mixing ABX for multiple patients? If yes, this practice has been well documented as a serious source of contamination and has been traced as the cause of infectious outbreaks. CDC, INS, APIC and the fluid manfucturer  etc says do not use any IV fluid container in this manner. You could be using a system designed for this purpose where a vial with the ABX is attached to the bag of fluids infusing to a single patient, and use those fluids to dilute the medication in the attached vial. This vial is not detached from the primary container and it is only used on a single patient. This system is acceptable but may not be supplied by your pharmacy. Also always check compatibility to make sure the ABX is compatible with NS, some may not be. Only use a single dose vial of NS. If using a multiple dose vial, those must be dedicated to a single patient, although they can be entered multiple times over the life of the vial. 

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Hello Lynn....I had a co

Hello Lynn....I had a co oworker ask this question the other day as nurses do this. To clarify I am talking about a 100cc NS bag, with a needle using the port to draw 10cc out of it as the diluent for the ABX, mixing the antibiotic and with a needle placing the mixed antibiotic back into the 100cc bag and than infusing.  So yes single use. I have seen those devices your talking about that attach and stay on the bag and are worth looking into. Thank you for your response!

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