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Rate of Thrombosis between POWERPICC & POWER Groshong PICCs

Is there any one using both of these types of PICCs? I've been troubled by DVTs  since switching to POWER. Used to use ARROW and never had these problems, but again, it wasn't there new POWER injectable PICCs.

Anyway, my thoughts on the stiffness of the POWER PICCs have definitely been a problem, but BARD carries a POWER Groshong PICC. To me, this seems like the perfect marriage of POWER yet softness:)

The only problem is that it only comes in a 5FR single. I'm in the process of going thru Products committee for approval to have these POWER Groshongs available as an option.

 Anyone have any feedback or thoughts on this?

Raquel M. Hoag, RN, BSN, CRNI

Fremont, California 


Patti Jo Carruth
Raquel, we are using Power

Raquel, we are using Power PICCs also, the dual and triple lumens...I've only been in Sacramento for 6 weeks now working at Mercy General Hospital downtown and I haven't seen thrombosis issues....I know we had one oncology patient who had a thrombosis in the SCV related to the PICC, but do you think that's due to hypercoagulability and cancer patients vs the PICC?

Also, Raquel, I've hooked up with Robyn too! Will see her on Wednesday!  Say HI to Alice and Dr Erasmus too! 

[email protected]


When looking at DVT issues

When looking at DVT issues and PICC's, remember that just because there are no visible signs to the eye, does not mean that all is well on the home front!  UP to 60% of thrombosis related to PICC is silent, which means that there is no edema, pain, cording, etc.  It is veryeasy to assess the vessel post-insertion, checking for blood flow surrounding the catheter, seeing that the vessel still collapses onto the catheter.  This can be done with the same ultrasound that is used to assess the vessel pre-insertion.

Also I know that nurses have questioned what causes thrombosis when looking at pwer vs. non-power PICCs. I'm not so sure that power vs. nonpower is the question.  I tend to think it might be taper vs. non taper. 

Thanks all,

Cheryl Kelley RN BSN, VA-BC

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