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Michael Drafz
Rapid infusion Catheters

I saw some mail about these recently and the catheters are popping up all of a sudden in our facility too. They want them removed/exchanged for a regular IV before they send patients to the regular units. I haven't seen one of these yet and know very little about them. Anyone out there who can share their knowledge and experience?

Michael Drafz

San Diego

Gwen Irwin
I don't understand your

I don't understand your question.

What are the catheters that you are referring to?   What specifically is a rapid infusion catheter that is being used and needing changed for a "regular  IV"?

Our focus has been on antecubital PIVs from the ER.   We would love for them to be replaced before the pateint is transferred on admission to a regular nursing unit.   We find that the antecubital IVs are causing problems with other complications.

Please clarify your  question.

 Gwen Irwin

Austin, Texas  

Susan S
I did an google search, I

I did an  google search, I think it is an Arrow product.

This is all the information I have, I have never seen or used them personally.

Susan Schuetrumpf, RN, CRNI, VA-BC
Atlanta GA

Michael Drafz
I did some more

I did some more investigation and it turns out that these are just large bore angiocaths, 14-16g PIV's, sometimes up to 2inches long. These are placed on patients before surgery which might require fluid rescucitation.

What I am discussing with their educators is why they want them removed and a new PIV started before they can transfer out of SICU. I am not sure where this came from.

Michael Drafz RN, CRNI, VA-BC

Clinical Lead Vascular Access Service

Sharp Metropolitan Medical Campus

San Diego, CA


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