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Gina Ward
Radiology techs giving contrast through picc/ central lines

We are having issues where the radiology techs are saying they are not allowed to give contranst via the picc lines or central lines.

So, they are starting peripheral lines if they are able on our patients, and having problems with extravasation.  Or, they will call the patients R.N. to see if she will come giveand inject the contrast. The nurse doesnt want to give it because she is unfamiliar with the contrast.

  It seems to be a problem of education for the radiology dept, which can probably be handled by their department head.  Apparently the radiology board says this is ok if the training and documentation of competency is maintained.   How do you handle that?

Who does give the contrast in your area?   I am looking into Power Piccs but having a slow response from my rep on this .  However, it still will require training on the radiology staff since they will be utilizing this.  Also I let them know this power picc wont be used on all patients.

Thanks for any feedback, Gina Ward R.N., C.P.A.N.