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Radiographic interrpretation of PICC placement by RN. IJ and EJ PICC

I am unsure if my first attempt went through.

Does anyone have a list of states that are currently allowing nures to verifiy xrays PICC tip location?

How many states are allowing IJ and EJ PICC's?

Appreciate any information.  We are trying in Oklahoma to move forward since AVA and INS now have position papers on the above.


You can not look at this or

You can not look at this or any other question about scope of practice to find a "list" of states that allow this. Most states now use a scope of practice decision tree, which gives the nurse and/or the employer to make the decision about scope of practice. For instance, in GA we have used such a tool for many years. Therefore you will not find any statements from the board pro or con about chest xray assess or any other tasks. You must understand the specific process used in your state and follow their requirements. This is explained in our online continuing education course Chest Radiograph Assessment and Central Venous Catheters. Learn more by going to

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