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Cindy McIlhinney
radial artery graft arm use for PIV

Does anyone have a resource documenting when it is safe to utilize an arm that has had its radial artery harvested for CABG? I have several different opinions from surgeons ranging from 4 weeks to 6 months. I am attempting to write guidlines for my instiution.

Thank you all for your input

Cindy McIlhinney RNC

Does this restriction apply

Does this restriction apply to the hand veins or just those in the arm? If so,what about those with bilateral radials? CABG patients are probably my top diagnosis for PICC's,midlines and difficult PIV starts. Saphenous or radial,they're up 10+ lbs after surgery and are hard sticks because of the edema. And with them going out of the ICU the day after surgery,without the IJ,they can be challenging to maintain access.

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