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Jonathan Rolt

Has anyone eve looked at the ultrasound machine by PUNCTURE it had a split screen and a dual view probe,transverse and sagital in the same head. I looked at it years ago prior to buying a sonosite and several MD's I work with  are wanting to see it again. I cant seem to find it anywhere on the web, not sure if they are even still around, I can't imagine the split screen would fail it was really nice to have both views at the same time . It was only because we use the machine for so many things  and the resolution was better with the sonosite.

Also--review the clarity of
Also--review the clarity of picture with other units compaired to the puncture.  To me...there is a big difference between many of the unit on the market.
Angela Lee
We use the Puncture and are
We use the Puncture and are reasonably satisfied with it.  The split screen, I believe is the chief advantage.  We have not had much experience with other machines so can't compare very well.  I have a personal problem with the probe positioning--it does not seem very user friendly if you're left handed which I am.  Also in peds the hands free device is often too large. 
I had the opportunity to
I had the opportunity to trial several machines prior to purchasing our teams u/s including the punct-sure. We ended up going with the Boston Scientific sono site.  The punct sure machine was nice, but after doing several thousand PICCs with u/s, the split screen really isn't any advantage. if you want to look side view, you can just turn the probe. Also if you looking at the "hands free" magnet system, don't bother. It seems nice at first but is time consuming and cumbersome once you are proficient. there is a hand held probe also availible with the puncture like other machines. I wonder about the longevity of the company, upgrades, clinical support, and for us it really came down to price. E-mail me if you want to talk more about it- [email protected]
 We have used the PunctSure

 We have used the PunctSure for a couple of years.  We also have a Site~Rite three that we have used for about five years.  The larger screen on the PunctSure is a real advantage, and the split screen is often very helpful. 

We abandoned the hands-free probe early on in favor of a hand-held one.  The main problem was that even if you had everything perfectly aligned prior to the stick, once you made the stick, the alignment would shift, and the probe was no longer centered on the vein.  It was similar to using the needle guide with the Site~Rite.  It just didn't allow enough flexibility.  Further, we often use it to check the neck for malposition during the procedure, and for doing peripheral sticks.  The hands-free probe doesn't work well in those applications.

We have had more reliability problems with the PunctSure than the Site~Rite, but the Inceptio and Comedical have been very good about working with us.

Jerry Bartholomew RN, BSN, CRNI

VA Medical Center, Spokane, WA

Jerry Bartholomew RN, MSN, CRNI

VA Medical Center, Spokane, WA

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