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pulling back waste to withdraw Heparin on ports

I am addressing our policy for accessing and de-accessing implanted ports and I am not finding many policies that recommend pulling off a waste to withdraw Heprin when port has been heplocked. Most state check for a blood return and then flush with NS. Can anyone help me with this.

This practice comes from the

This practice comes from the world of hemodialysis catheters where they often use 5000 units per mL or per lumen. There are numerous reports of anticoagulation from this high dosage so they aspirate and discard it. When using 100 or 10 units per mL there is no need to do this. In fact, the use of 100 units per mL is now only recommended for deaccessing an implanted port. All other CVCs, even an accessed implanted port can be flushed with 10 units per mL. Lynn

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