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prophylactic coumadin for implanted ports
Is there data to support placing patients on prophylactic coumadin to prevent occlusions in implanted ports?  I work in an oncology office where we administer chemotherapy.  Most of our patients have implanted ports and we need to have a good blood return prior to administration.  We have occlusion problems occasionally, mostly fibrin sheaths (we send them to the hospital radiology for a dye study and TPA).  Some of our patients are placed on 1 mg of coumadin and I'm looking for articles or evidence to support this practice. I thought that this was done on anecdotal evidence in the past, but it was not supported by studies/evidence.  

Thanks in advance for any information.

The only published evidence
The only published evidence are a couple of very small studies, not enough to establish a sufficient guideline or standard of practice, also very controversial issue. Some oncologist use low dose coumadin but many others do not. Lynn

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Thanks Lynn.  I was hoping
Thanks Lynn.  I was hoping you would respond.  I couldn't find anything.

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