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Laura Cook CRNI
proper cleansing of hubs
Need a resource article for proper technigue and time needed to "properly" cleanse a hub of a port prior to accessing it.
You will not find such a
You will not find such a resource because no clinical studies have ever been done on the best practices and agents to clean an injection site. I have noticed recently though that manufacturers of needleless connection devices are making stronger statements about how to clean. I recently saw instructions on B Braun's website to use an alcohol pad and swab the connection surface 10 times! Lynn

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There are no articles or

There are no articles or research on this practice.  Septums may be cleansed with various amount of success based on septum design.  Some have gaps and can not be properly cleansed.  I recently saw an infection control nurse's presentation that demonstrated this difficulty.  She used agar plates to show growth.  I currently do work with a connector company - RyMed Technologies and their connector Invision-Plus Neutral is swabable.  Their agar plate was clean.  There are several users who have achieved zero infection rates (one for 4 quarters one for 2 quarters) that are working on publications.  Their central line bundle included biopatch, chlorprep, statlock and InVision-Plus Neutral.  This approach attacked both extraluminal and intraluminal fluid pathway contamination.


Denise macklin

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