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Procedure Carts for Vascular Access procedures

Looking for procedure carts for Vascular Access Teams.  Sounds like any information shared is needed by multi readers. 


We just eliminated the cart

We just eliminated the cart completely.  We installed a lockbox on the site rite that holds the things tha tneed to be locked up. then we have a duffel bag with a long strap that loops over the box and hangs down. We fill that with enough supplies for one or two patients.  So the only thing we have to roll is the site rite unit.  We do have to restock between patients but that is far easier than lugging around a huge cart.

Armstrong Medical, have many

Armstrong Medical, have many cart options, easy to roll, can hold all the needed equipment and you can custom design what you need as attachments to the cart such as IV pole, Sharp disposals etc.

We have one of their carts with all the attachments, it cost us about $1400 and we love it. The first cart lasted 6 years. 

Rivka Livni PICC RN

One word to the wise, be

One word to the wise, be careful of the cart height when you order. Many "procedure" carts are too short so would be below the waist of the inserter and therefore not considered sterile. Code cart height is too tall and it is difficult to keep your elbows out of the field. It is possible to get a cart in between those heights. There are several manufacturers and they all have local sales contacts. Pick the cart you want and have them bring it in for you to use for a couple of days to see if you like it.

 Sandy Sucy, RN, MSN

Bard Access Systems

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