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Printed documentation of Ultrasound
What is everyone doing with the printout of the vein from the ultrasound?   How has this picture documentation been making any difference in reimbursements?
Gwen Irwin
We haven't had printers

We haven't had printers ever.   My understanding is that printed picture documentation is required for physicians to charge the use of ultrasound.   Since we aren't physicians, we haven't worried about it and don't charge for ultrasound in addition to the PICC insertion.

Hope this helps.

Gwen Irwin

Jeff Black
We have not been using a printer to document placement, however we are in the process of obtaining a printer. Presently, we dont charge for US but that will change once we get our printer. Our Rads print a pic and place it in the chart as documentation of US use. We are using Site Rite III. with the Site Rite V, you can use a flash memory stick then print off the image on a PC.
Diane C Lauer
ULT doc for PICC placement

Would anyone be able to share what CPT codes you are using for PICC placement (in hospital)?   And also for ULT guided PICC placement.

Much appreciated

Celia Brown

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