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ms redsuzy
pressure bags on a groshong picc line

does anyone have any evidence re: pressure bags on a picc line. i was always taught not to but i need evidence to bring to a meeting one waw or the other thanks

What type of "pressure bag"

What type of "pressure bag" are you asking about? My first thought is the pressure sleeve device that is placed around plastic bag fluid containers. If that is what you are asking about, I do not see a reason for not using these on any PICC or other CVC that is open and patent. Open and patent is determined by a successful flushing using a 10 mL syringe filled with saline, meeting no resistance to this manual flush, and being able to obtain a free-flowing blood return upon aspiration. These pressure sleeves can exert high force up to 300 psi on the fluid container. The resulting pressure inside the catheter will depend upon any obstructions within the catheter lumen and inside the vein at the catheter tip. These obstructions will prevent the fluid from flowing and result in intraluminal pressure increase. If this reaches a dangerous level, catheter damage can result. But as long as the catheter is open and patent, fluid flows through without this obstruction and pressure increase. The presence of the Groshong valve should not be an issue as it will open to allow for infusion as long as there is no fibrin/thrombus affecting valve function. Again, assess patency with a 10 mL syringe first. Lynn

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