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Pressors and Amio

Our policy is to give these meds via a CVC as soon as possible. We have a doctor who insists it's not neccessary and is asking for evidence. It's going to take something big to convince him and he's really pushing our nurse. On or two articles in a nursing journal isn't going to be enough. So I'm asking for help to give him an avelache of literature and put the issue to rest ASAP. Thanks for your help!

pressors and amiodarone
pressors and amiodarone
  • Loubani & Green published a systematic review of peripheral vasopressors (10.1016/j.jcrc.2015.01.014)
  • Paul Mayo's group published the LIJ Experience
  • A paper by Kamal Medlej., et al. “Complications from the Administration of Vasopressors through Peripheral Venous Catheters: An Observational Study” is pending publication
  • Medlej K et al. Complications from Administration of Vasopressors Through Peripheral Venous Catheters: An Observational Study. JEM 2018. PMID: 29110979
  • Safety of the Peripheral Administration of Vasopressor Agents
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