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Preferred PIV Cath's

Hello, I am reaching out to see what everybody's preferred peripheral IV catheter to use and why? Do you prefer one manufacturer over another? I need to upgrade/update what we've been using and would like to have some experienced opinions on some. 

My experience is there is not

My experience is there is not a specific brand that meets the needs of the majority. Different features and characteristics, different purchasing contracts, different skill levels mean different brands used by each facillity. Then there are the differences between brands by the same company. The most important aspect is to have the gauge sizes and lengths necesssary to meet patient needs. The traditional 1.25 inch length is not always sufficient for every patient, increasing risk of complications. 


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We use BD products at our facility. We have an array of different catheter legths and gauges in our tool box for the different patients we encounter. We use Insite, Nexiva, and Accucath catheters and are very happy with these products.

Hope this helps!  

Jessica Newsom

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