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PowerWand vs Power Glide

I'm looking for any input on the PowerWand and Power Glide extended dwell PIV's and Midline.  Any experience with both, pro's and con's and blood return duration.  We trialed both and are very split.  Any input is greatly appreciated.

Gina Ward
We have only used the Bard

We have only used the Bard Power Glide Midlines.     I must confess it was very difficult  learning the insertion because I was so used to using a needle guide to access the vessel.   They are wonderful advanced IV option when a central line is not indicated.

Blood return is not the best with these .  We even started utilizing the RT Powerglides which were to have a reinforced tip to allow for easier blood return but I havent seen any difference.    We have some patients that the line gives blood for the duration but most after about 3-4 days we lose blood return.    Weve tried an assortment of things to improve that but no success.

I love the ease of insertion and the new all inclusive kits they have as well.  

Feel free to contact me with any questions,  Gina Ward



Gina Ward R.N., VA-BC

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