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PowerGlide PIV vs BioFlo Midline

Good Afternoon,

Our administration has recently directed use of the BioFlo Midline product and education of staff.  I just became aware.  I had, over the past two years implemented sucessful use of the Powerglide PIV.  I am of the understanding that the purported decreased Thrombus rate was the rationale, however after doing some research, there have not been any, to our knowledge.  I am really at a loss.  I am looking for any rationale that I can use to support our IV nurses and the other key staff we have educated to insert the Powerglide PIV's, as they appear to accomplish the same function, with less insertion time and no need for a "cut".  Does anyone have experience with either or both who can assist me either way to make a case?  Thank you in advance. 

Are you now using the

Are you now using the Powerglide in the forearm and upper arm? What sizes and lengths are you using? Powerglide is AST insertion, BioFlo is MST. Bioflo has biomimetic properties in the catheter wall to reduce the incidence of vein thrombosis. Catheter associated thrombosis is mainly silent - present but cause no clinical s/s. Thrombus can become colonized and produce BSI. Both can be used as a midline. I do think it is totally unfair that this decison was made without input and evaluation from the team. There are differences but you can accomplish the same thing with either. 

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